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 Automotive / ID Protection Program

Compliance that Pays. Protect your Dealership, Customers, and Employees from identity theft and fraud. Enhance Red Flags Rule compliance and Grow your revenue.

Employee Protection Program

We provides complimentary digital security to all dealership employees and their families, delivering valuable protection and mitigating risk of security mistakes that lead to company data breaches 


Consumer Protection Program

Offset the growing cost of Red Flags Rule compliance by offering your buyers one of the rated ID theft solutions.

Simple to sell and fully integrated with your menu system.

ID Scanning Technology

If you offer driver’s license scanning and authentication technology to help your dealerships prevent fraudulent car purchases 

or if you're going to  sign up with a provider

we'll reimburse you the base monthly fee.

*Certain performance levels must be met to qualify

Breach Response Program

 Help protect your dealership from the risks and expenses of data breaches and identity theft with breach monitoring, employee identity theft protection, and included breach response and victim notification and recovery services.

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Provide your Customers valuable protection at an affordable price.

Retail price for buyer online:
Exclusive price for buyer via dealership:
Annual cost savings for buyer:

for 2 additional years of coverage!





Detecting Fraud

We help detect fraud by monitoring your automobile titles, personal information, Breach scans, address monitoring, accounts, online reputation, criminal records and more. 


Preventing Fraud

We help get ahead of fraud with preventative tools, including credit freeze, automated online data removal.


Mitigating Fraud

If fraud does occur, We are here to support your customers with 24/7 customer support, resolution services, and a $1M insurance policy.


Click on the lock above to see your data exposure

            Partnering with USA ID Recovery: 







1.Grow your revenue.

60%+ of car buyers opt-in to

purchase multiple years of coverage

of the USA ID Recovery's program

2. Easy for you to sell and manage.

Seamlessly integrated into most dealership

menus for fast and simple e-contracting.

3. Compliment your Red Flags program.

Proactively mitigate risk for both your

customers and your dealership

4. Save Costs with USA ID’s Solution

Provide USA ID to your employees at no cost,

and leverage breach response solution at no

cost dependent on participation levels!

5. Dealership Benefit Savings

  • Employee ID protection benefit  (base on 100 employees)  $15,000.00 

  • Data Breach annual cost savings (per rooftop if breached)   $210,000.00

  • TOTAL ANNUAL DEALERSHIP SAVINGS                   $225,000.00


6. Here's How it Works

• Dealer offers year one of our ID product at no charge to buyers.

• Buyers have the option to extend coverage up to 6 additional years.

  The impact on the monthly payment is less than $10/month.

• Average participation in multi-year offer across active dealers
   distributing our ID product is 60%.


Compliance That Pays

Sample Revenue Model

# of vehicles sold Annually                          200

Upsell Percentage                                          60%

Number of Upsells                                       120

Customer cost (3 yr Policy - 1 year                       $200

complimentary provided by dealer &

2 additional years upsold @$100 year)                                  

Total Dealer Cost ($25 X 2 years)                      $50

Dealer Gross Profit per unit sold                $150       

Dealer Monthly Revenue                        $18,000

(120 cars X Dealer GP of ID product

per vehicle sold)

Total Charge to Dealer (for embed of            ($5000)

ID product charged to each deal  for 1 year

of coverage $200 x $25)        

Monthly Dealer Gross Profit (Gross           $13,000

profit revenue  less monthly 1 year embed)

Annual Dealer Profit                              $156,000

$3.12 Monthly! (Based upon a 72 month loan)          


Additional benefits

  • Data Breach Solution       Cost $0.00

  • Employee ID Protection   Cost $0.00


Revenue model assumptions:

Dealer covers year 1 for customer; customer buys 2 additional years at an upsell rate of 60%

Upsell rate based on average across our dealership partners


*Data Breach coverage may be provided by

 1 of 2 Data Breach Response Partner

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