Identity Theft Protection

USA ID RECOVERY utilizes an identity theft protection platform which is powered by IBM® Watson AI™.  This plan can monitor your online accounts, promptly alert you to suspicious activity, and assist you in taking actions to mitigate instances of identity theft.  Identity Guard is backed by a $1 million insurance policy* to cover you from any losses or stolen funds. Becoming a victim of ID Theft can be one of the most troubling situations a person can experience, especially when they are unprotected.  Years of hard work can be wiped out in an instant. USA ID Recovery makes the choice safe, simple, and secure.

Your Identity Theft Recovery Service comes complete with:

  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance**

  • Home Title monitoring

  • US-Based Customer Care Team

  • Risk Management Report

  • Data Breach Notifications

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • High Risk Transaction Monitoring

  • Safe Browsing Tools

  • Bank Account Monitoring

  • Identity Protection 

  • Credit Protection:

  • Monthly Credit Score*

  • Credit Monitoring

  • Identity Restoration

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Identity Theft  Solutions

ID theft is the signature crime of the digital age we live in.  Recently, one of the 3 primary credit reporting agencies suffered a three-month long cybersecurity breach, exposing non-public, personal information of nearly 148 million Americans (60% of the adult population was affected).  Data breaches of this size and scale can be debilitating, considering most of the data the hackers possess, such as names, SS numbers, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, tax records and credit card information cannot be changed by consumers in order to protect themselves.  Now is the time to seriously consider providing your members/customers/employees with a comprehensive Identity Theft Protection solution.  USA ID Recovery provides valuable Identity Protection services to partners across the country.

Take Advantage of this exclusive customer rate and protect you and your family for only   $99.00  a year!

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  About Our Company
   Unparalleled Service.  Actionable Intelligence.  Comprehensive Protection.

For more than a decade, USA ID RECOVERY has delivered identity, financial and privacy protection, threat intelligence and investigative services to help businesses fight evolving online threats. We combine an unparalleled global research network with data analysis, actionable intelligence and the very best in personalized services to meet our clients’ dynamic security needs. From individuals, employees to enterprise, USA ID RECOVERY is redefining how organizations fight fraud and combat an evolving threat  to mitigate risk on multiple levels.

USA ID RECOVERY is dedicated to creating services that help individuals and companies protect their assets from the devastating effects of data breach. We offer comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations both large and small. We are committed to building a new standard for fraud protection. Whether it is your business, your brand, or your identity, USA ID RECOVERY was created to safeguard your world.

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